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Social policy

Social policy

Social policy of Holding Today&Tomorrow Holding AG is aimed at the formation of new quality of life for our partners and clients. We strive to create a business model of international level enabling the economic and social development of everyone who has joined our network.

Our objective is to improve the daily lives of people through the exclusive investment programs, to give everyone the opportunity to succeed, and to ensure stable future and confidence in what tomorrow brings for your family.

By building your structure within the company, you get an opportunity to grow and evolve together with the Holding. Traditional investment companies engage solely in investments of monetary funds. In contrast, Today&Tomorrow gives people an opportunity to earn their initial capital in order to invest in the large-scale international investment projects.

Our basic social programs are primarily associated with the resolution of the housing needs and investment projects at high interest rates.

The opening of offices in the United States and emerging into the countries of Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Australia ensure that the Holding increases its investment capital to implement the social programs in the countries of the CIS.

We are developing and immediately implementing the most vital programs of social importance. Having analyzed situations in many countries around the world, we have set priorities to address the housing needs of the population as well as pension benefits issues. 

The company is working on a speedy launch of its own Pension Program taking into account the numerous statements and requests of citizens of the CIS and Latin America where there exists a greater instability in connection with the provision of pension benefits. Pension Program will be guaranteed by many years of experience and the laws of Switzerland.

The president of our Holding, Dr. Robert Mack, is fluent in several languages and is open to a dialogue with the partners from different countries. By word of mouth, he is aware of all current critical social problems. Therefore, we first and foremost set before the company the objectives to create the programs and services needed by people the most.

One of the initial social projects of the Holding is a long-anticipated and desirable car program which started in 2012. This program bears nonprofit character for the company because we are implementing this program exclusively for social purposes.

In the future we plan to create our own charitable foundation, which will be an integral part of the Holding and the main social division of the company.

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