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Invest in your holidays!

Invest in your holidays!

How do you imagine a perfect holiday? Sea, sun and lots of warm velvety sand; romantic evenings in a cozy hotel; shopping and excellent Greek cuisine… Or maybe your dream holiday involves walking around Prague full of wonderful smells of fresh coffee and pastries, with the majestic Czech castles waiting to reveal their treasures to you?

All of us have their own preferences where holidays are concerned; however, everyone wants their trip to be a lot of fun without having to tighten their budget too much. For this purpose, we have developed the Perfect Holiday program – a special program which will help you realize your travel dreams.  Our program will become your most reliable guide to the unknown and wonderful world!

Program Terms and Conditions

This program is available to all clients and partners upon signing a corresponding agreement.
At this stage the program does not have any investment features!

You can place an order for the program via our directory.
The program’s sponsor structure bonus is added after confirmation of payment by the administrator, and makes up 10% of program’s cost.

Bonus is distributed according to Partner’s status. Commission is calculated on the basis of invested amount, and is equal to the percentage specified in the marketing table and multiplied by two. For example, the Referrer receives 2% of investment capital, Representative – 3%, Consultant – 4.5%, Director – 7.4% and so on.

After confirmation of program payment by the administrator, you can withdraw from the program only upon paying a penalty of 50% of the ordered program’s amount.

After confirmation of program payment by the administrator, you can reassign it to another partner only if you pay a penalty of 25% of the ordered program’s amount.

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